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Friday, June 8, 2007

Any web browser besides Internet Explorer

Everyone has probably used Internet Explorer if they have a Windows OS. However, it is not the safest thing to be using when exploring dangerous sites and it is the weak point of Windows that can bring it down. Most people do not know about Windows or have been feed lies by Microsoft themselves that Internet Explorer is the safest. All us tech geeks know is anything other then Internet Explorer is better. Your probably apprehensive about switching other to a different browser but all browser have a similar interface to Internet explorer yet they have more functions and safer.

The browsers that are listed here are different browsers with different idea's in mind. Some of them are made for special purposes, some of them are for general purposes. What ever you decide, It will be better then Internet Explorer.

General purpose:

Firefox : A great browser that is easy to use and can be modified to your own needs. You can change the theme, add plug ins like website analyzer that can tell you if the site is trustworthy or not, or a music player, or a forecast panel to see what the weather is like at home. It's the browser that I use. Firefox

IceWeasel : Same as Firefox except it does not use proprietary software. The difference between them is ethics. IceWeasel

Shiira : A web browser made to be better then Safari. No add -ons but some alternative themes available . Only for Mac. Shiira

Caminio : A Mac web browser made to blend in with the Mac interface. Can import bookmarks, cookies, and blocked site information from Firefox and it's faster then Firefox . Caminio

Opera: As web browser available for all platforms, it has been stated in research that Opera is the fastest of all web browser. Though that report was 3 years, it might still be true today. Like Firefox , it is a reliable browser that has add- ons , and themes to customize Opera to your liking. It supports mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, and voice command which makes this browser very handy for those who are handicapped . Opera

SeaMonkey : This is an Internet suite that offers a web browser, email, HTML editor, basically everything you can think of. This would probably be more suitable for those who use the Internet to the fullest. SeaMonkey

Specialty browsers.

Minimo : A web browser for mobile devices. Based on Firefox . Minimo

Flock: A web browser with a lot of social capabilities. It also has plenty of add- ons and media sharing capabilities. Now you can play Internet tag with your friends. Flock

Arachne : A browser that runs on DOS. Handy if your are in a third world country or a place with no Internet connection. Arachne

Amaya : A web browser/editor that allows you to edit your websites while online at the same time. Handy to see the changes happen before your eyes. Only recommended for those who run or actively work on the web. Amaya

SuperBot : A web browser that saves websites and pages from the Internet and allows you to view those sites as they are at the moment you saved them. Handy if you are at places without Internet connections. Cost a one time payment that is less then 50 dollars. There is a free trial with minimum features though. SuperBot

Buddy Browser: To be more precise , it is at the core a search engine database with a ton of family friendly websites and features. This is great for the young kids but make sure it is hard for them to access the your default browser. I recommend you make a account for your kid and make it kid friendly for your younger children. Buddy Browser

3B: A 3d web browser. Imagine a 3d room with pictures that look like web pages. You click on it an enter the normal 2d web page. The point of it is to have communities be able to interact with one another on different web sites. You can even make your own 3d web space of all of your favorites and allow people to view them if you want. It does however take a lot to run it so view the requirements carefully before downloading it. 3D browser


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